Women, Anger and Depression

Lois P. Frankel

  • Bindwijze: Paperback
  • Taal: Engels
  • Categorie: Gezondheid & Lichaam
  • Uitgever: Health Communications
  • ISBN: 9781558741614
Strategies for Self-Empowerment
Verschijningsdatum:december 1991
Afmetingen:20,3 x 14 x 0,6 cm
Aantal pagina's:140 pagina's
Auteur:Lois P. Frankel
Auteur:Lois P. Frankel


This book is about empowerment. It is about fulfilling your needs, dreams, and aspirations without being trapped by feelings that society has taught you to ignore. If you: Fear that expressing your feelings will upset others Allow others to decide what's best for you Are not quite happy and not sure why Take better care of the needs of others than your own Believe that showing your anger is bad.... then stop denying your feelings! Dr. Frankel encourages women to trust their feelings and insticts and examine ways of regaining control of their emotions and lives. Explore how finding and defining your anger can help you lose your depression and overcome the feelings of denial that serve as obstacles to personal empowerment.

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