What's in You Will Come Out!

Devetta Smith

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  • Taal: Engels
  • Categorie: Persoonlijke ontwikkeling & Mindfulness
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  • ISBN: 9781492806554
If You Can't Tell It; Let Me Tell It!
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Auteur(s):Devetta Smith
Auteur(s):Devetta Smith


I was asked why the cover of this book was "Red" and my response is because this book talks about love, sex, relationships and our relationship with God. Relationship issues are "hot, passionate and can take us places we didn't want to go." However, it is only by the "Blood of Jesus" that we can be saved and delivered to live the life "God" called us to live. This book is about men and women and every day and not only do women need to know what is on the minds of men they are involved with, but men also need to know that it’s not always a cookie cutter approach when it comes to women. Even more, both sexes need to know that they can be delivered. Apparently, I hit a nerve when she found out what it was about and what I would be discussing, so let me say up front, if you are offended, I apologize, but I don’t apologize for the truth that is revealed in this book. I can tell you the bible says that “Jesus Saves”, but that doesn’t mean you’ll believe it. However, I do believe that you don’t have to experience everything in life. There are some things you only need to hear about. Now that is some advice I wished I had taken at a much earlier age in my life. So as you read, you’ll understand what I mean by that last statement.This book is not just “my opinion,” although I do provide it; it’s based upon the survey given to some men and some women with whom I had many discussions with. They are of all ages and nationalities; however it does not mean that this is how ALL men and women feel.I’m sure you’re wondering how I would know enough about MEN to write about them on this level you’re about to read, so I took a survey and got their honest opinions in regards to how they feel about the female woman when it comes to those they’ve left as “Casualties Of War” to fend for themselves as I call it. I’ve even included a blog you can follow after reading this book. Yes, we’re going to talk about some real life issues and scripture; because as women and men get involved in relationships that oftentimes causes them to lose themselves, they become more concerned with making the other person happy first instead of keeping him first, God. We put aside the fact that we have our souls at stake when we indulge in sexual relationships outside of marriage. Well, we are going to talk about that now because as I too have lost focus from time to time on what God has for us and his divine plan for our present and future. I’ve been there done that on more than one occasion. There seemed to be a lot I was missing and I kept repeating, but coming to the same conclusion…a dead end full of emptiness and pain. At some point you have to realize that true deliverance comes from God and you can’t trust your flesh like the Bible tells us. No, not even for a second can you trust it and you have to be honest with yourself about you.After each empty and worthless relationship, I would end up thinking… “This is Not What I Thought It Was” nor is it what I thought it would end up being. However, I take full responsibility for my actions in all of the situations. I take full responsibility for my own actions. It’s not how I was raised, where I went to college or even about what I do professionally. While we can blame our decisions on many things or many people, the bottom line is that I have free will and I’m the one who is in control of my decisions. I can either use what I’ve been gifted and talented with for good or for evil. This book is based upon something I use to hear my grandmother Lucy say a lot of times; “What’s In You Will Come Out.”