The Clinical Placement

Tracy Levett-Jones

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An Essential Guide for Nursing Students
Verschijningsdatum:april 2018
Ebook formaat:-72234
Auteur:Tracy Levett-Jones | Kerry Reid-Searl, Rn, Rm, Bhlthsc(Nurs), Mclined, Phd
Co-auteur:Kerry Reid-Searl, Rn, Rm, Bhlthsc(Nurs), Mclined, Phd
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Ebook formaat:-72234


With a focus on preparation, expectations and how to think, act and communicate, The Clinical Placement: An essential guide for nursing students, 4th edition, is a valuable guide and companion for nursing students undertaking clinical placements. Written by Tracy Levett-Jones and Kerry Reid-Searl, this ‘must read’ book provides insights into the real world of practice, practical strategies for dealing with difficult and challenging situations, and a wealth of ideas to maximise learning and professional growth. The Clinical Placement is supported by an engaging series of videos. These ‘Insights from Experts’ feature nurses from a diverse range of clinical practice areas who share insights, advice, challenges and opportunities for learning in a range of clinical settings.

Evolve resources include:

  • An introductory video by Tracy Levett-Jones

  • ‘Insights from Experts’ videos with registered nurses

  • An eBook included with print purchase.

  • NEW author team, Tracy Levett-Jones and Kerry Reid-Searl

  • NEW chapter 6 featuring:

- Reflection questions aligned to the 12 ‘Insights from experts’ videos on evolve

- ‘Need to know quick tips’ and ‘Challenges you may encounter’ for each clinical area

  • NEW introductory video from Tracy Levett-Jones discussing the challenges of clinical placement and the learning opportunity it provides.

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