The Oxford Handbook of Entrepreneurship and Collaboration

Oxford University Press

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  • Uitgever: Oxford University Press
  • ISBN: 9780190683672
Verschijningsdatum:augustus 2019
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Redacteur:Jeffrey J. Reuer
Co-redacteur:Sharon F. Matusik
Co-redacteur:Sharon F. Matusik
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Organizational collaboration has played an important role in the field of strategic management in recent decades, including influential works on joint ventures, networks, and social capital. Likewise, the field of entrepreneurship has long recognized the value of collaboration, since young ventures often don't have the latitude to own or control all of the resources they need. Rather, the conditions of uncertainty and resource scarcity inherent in entrepreneurship push these ventures to creatively access resources, often through partnerships and collaborations that vary in formality. Though the importance of collaboration to entrepreneurship might seem apparent, research on it is distributed across multiple contexts, theoretical perspectives, and units of analysis. The Oxford Handbook of Entrepreneurship and Collaboration is a comprehensive volume that addresses the most important topics related to collaboration and connects them to unique challenges and opportunities related to entrepreneurship. Bringing together leading scholars from both areas, the volume takes stock of the current literature and aims to advance this body of research by highlighting the role that collaboration plays in value creation, resource acquisition, and the development of entrepreneurial ventures.