The Iceman Speaks

Wim Hof

  • Bindwijze: Luisterboek op CD
  • Taal: Engels
  • Uitgever: Sounds True
  • ISBN: 9781683644118
Wim Hof on His Method and His Mission
Bindwijze:Luisterboek op CD
Verschijningsdatum:oktober 2020
Auteur:Wim Hof
Auteur:Wim Hof


Meet the Man Who Redefines the Impossible

He’s shattered world records. He’s climbed the highest and coldest mountains wearing nothing but shorts. Most of all, he’s shown us that these feats are not superhuman—but that each of us has the ability to be healthier, stronger, and happier than we’ve ever imagined. Now you’re invited to hear Wim Hof tell the story of his incredible journey in his own words with The Iceman Speaks.

A Personal Encounter with a Trailblazer of Human Potential

Who is “The Iceman”? What inspired him to create his revolutionary method for reclaiming our human potential, and to attempt feats of endurance and self-mastery that were thought to be medically impossible? In these audio sessions, recorded with Wim at his home in the Netherlands, you’ll experience his odyssey of discovery, including:

• Wim’s lifelong relationship with the majestic power of the cold
• Love, heartbreak, and joy—moving stories from Wim’s family life
• How nature, intuition, and rigorous testing led Wim to develop his revolutionary method
• Turning skeptics into believers—how Wim astonished researchers in trial after trial
• Shattering records—Wim explores what drives him to keep pushing the limits of possibility
• Man on a mission—the spiritual implications of Wim’s method for ourselves and our world
• Insights for anyone using the Wim Hof Method to get the most out of their practice

When listening to Wim Hof, you can’t help but feel the energy, passion, and optimism that have made him such a compelling figure. Yet as Wim says, “I am no superhero. I am no genetic freak. Anything I can do, you can do just as well.” The truly exceptional gift Wim possesses is his refusal to accept limitations—and when you listen to The Iceman Speaks, you’ll realize that gift is also within your grasp.