Driving License B Theory Book 2022 with Summary and 2500 Questions and 40 Exams, CBR Information and Traffic Signs


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  • Uitgever: VekaBest Verkeersleermiddelen
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Auto Theorieboek in het Engels met Samenvatting, 5 Uur Online Examentraining, CBR Informatie en Verkeersborden
Druk:Car Driving License B Theory Book 2022 - Car Theory Summary - Online Exam Trainer (5 hours - 2500 Practice Questions and 40 Examens) - CBR Information - Traffic Signs
Verschijningsdatum:januari 2022
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Aantal pagina's:352 pagina's
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Illustraties:Met illustraties in kleur
Auteur(s):VekaBest | Auto Theorieboek Engels
Auteur(s):VekaBest | Auto Theorieboek Engels
Vertaald door:Auto theorieboek
Originele Titel:Driving Licence B Traffic regulations Theory Package
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This car driving licence theory package is suitable for the Netherlands. VekaBest has been developing theory products for almost 60 years and has more than 4 million successful candidates. Do you want to learn faster, pass sooner? Then look no further, but go for this driving licence theory package and prepare for the CBR car theory test in 2022. Voted as the best car theory book of 2022 by 'Driving School Specialist'.


You will receive from us in this complete car theory package a large number of products. In the booklet with information about the CBR, you can read what is involved in obtaining your car driving licence. With the car theory book, the car theory summary and the traffic signs you carefully prepare for the CBR car theory test. Finally, with the online practice tests, you can test your knowledge. Are you ready for the CBR car theory test?

What will you receive from us?

  • Car Theory Book Edition 2022
  • Car Theory Summary (Topics)
  • 5 Hours of Practice with 40 Online Practice Tests
  • CBR Information and Traffic Signs

Car Theory Book Driving Licence B

This car theory book from VekaBest is the best selling car theory book in the Netherlands. This theory book is the most popular among driving school owners. Traffic rules and traffic situations are explained to you in simple language. The many illustrations and examples make it even easier to understand the theory material. With this book you will pass your CBR car theory test in no time!

The car theory is divided into 14 chapters, each with its own subject. The topics correspond to what is examined on the CBR car theory test. With this VekaBest car theory book you will be well prepared for the test. You will always receive the latest edition of this book. At the moment this is edition 2022.

We recommend this car theory book from VekaBest because it describes the car theory in a fun and accessible way. The book is also easy to understand for everyone because of the simple language. Even if you know little about the traffic rules or cars. This car theory book from VekaBest is therefore highly recommended!

Car Theory Summary (Topics)

Do you like to learn easily and quickly? Then this car theory summary is for you. The summary has been prepared by the traffic professionals of VekaBest. The content is 100% correct. In 44 pages you will quickly go through the entire car theory. Do this for example shortly before your planned CBR car theory test. This will ensure that you have all the details memorised, and you will not have any trouble during your theory test. Use it as you wish. Learning with this car theory summary is just super handy!

5 Hours of Practice with 40 Online Practice Tests

You will also receive a card with an Access Code in this package. With this Access Code you can easily and quickly create an Online Practice Account on our website. You can then practice 5 hours of car theory tests. You do not have to use this time in one go. You can pause the time by logging out. Log back in at a later time and continue practising.

Our database contains no less than 40 unique car theory practice tests. So there is more than enough material to practice with. Each practice tests includes the results. This way you can see immediately whether you are ready for the CBR car theory test, or if you should practice some more. The extensive feedback allows you to learn from your mistakes, and do your next car theory test even better.

Besides the practice tests you can also use our database with practice questions. These questions are linked to the chapters of the theory book. For example, you can choose to read chapter 1 and then immediately test your knowledge with the practice questions on this chapter. Do you have sufficient command of the material? Then proceed to the next CBR test topic.

In most cases 5 hours of practice is enough to prepare for the CBR car theory test. Should you need more time, this is no problem. You can easily top up your credit at an attractive rate in your Online Practice Account on our website. By practicing well you increase your chance of succeeding at the CBR car theory test!

CBR Information

In the booklet with information about the CBR, we tell you everything you need to know about obtaining your car driving licence. For example, you have to take both a theory and a practical test. How do you apply for these tests? What can you expect at the theory and practice tests? And once you have passed both parts, how do you apply for your driving licence? We tell you all about it in this booklet with information about the CBR.

Traffic Signs

Finally, you will receive a booklet with the traffic signs. With this booklet, you can memorise the traffic signs easily and quickly. In addition to the legal description of the signs, this booklet also contains an explanation. We explain how you are expected to behave when you see the traffic signs. This increases your traffic insight, and therefore your chance of passing the CBR car theory test. In short, a very handy booklet to study with!


  • Edition 2022
  • Use of simple language
  • Real life photos and examples
  • 40 Practice tests and 2500 Practice questions
  • Suitable for computer, mobile and tablet
  • Follows the latest CBR examination guidelines
  • More than 4 million successful candidates
  • Almost 60 years experience in theory products
  • Most popular among driving school owners
  • Voted as the best car theory book of 2022 by Driving School Specialist


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